What is SharePoint in 365?


Advancements in technology are encouraging various developments in the use of various technological tools and services. For instance, SharePoint’s on-premise version is a platform whose conventional application is the creation, design, and management of content, workspaces, and websites.

Currently, SharePoint is shifting from on-premise functionality to the online platform through the help of Microsoft’s support within Office 365. Here are a few details on the role of SharePoint online in office 365.

Sharing of Information

Today, the cloud is a vital resource for companies that exchange information in-house or with other sources from outside. Employees who work off-site or those who travel on various work expeditions can access company information conveniently through the cloud. SharePoint works from the background in Office 365 to facilitate the sharing of cloud-based files, for users of OneDrive for Business.

Managing sensitive content is a necessity for most entrepreneurs, and SharePoint online supports an application that allows individuals to share confidential details securely.


The capability of various technological tools is limitless, which is what you discover as you explore the different ways you can use particular applications. Apart from creating and managing content, you can also use SharePoint online for storage purposes to discover more. For example, media is a popular form of communication for those entrepreneurs who want to bring a better understanding of specific concepts.

SharePoint online becomes an excellent choice for those considering a reliable storage platform, for the videos they stream using Office 365.

What is SharePoint in 365? »

It Encourages Collaboration

A collaborative working environment results in increased productivity and profitability for organizations. There are several ways you can encourage collaboration within your firm to achieve desirable results, and the use of Office 365 is one of the approaches you can consider.

Office 365 Groups supports the cooperation of employees in your office, and SharePoint acts as the storage component that supports this functionality. If you need more information on the role of SharePoint online in Office 365, contact us today!

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