Ways Technical Support Specialists Could Have Helped the Galactic Empire

Those poor Imperials. In the Star Wars saga, not only was their beloved Death Star blown up, they began rebuilding it bigger and better, and that got blown up. All directly related to data theft by the Rebel Alliance.

Imagine with us for a moment what might have happened had the Empire simply retained the services of a talented managed service provider. How very different things might have been! Dynamic simply would have never allowed the following to occur:

By Securing the Data Ports on the Death Star

Honestly. Think about how often R2-D2 wheeled around that space station, accessing any port he pleased. All he had to do was plug in for about 3 seconds, and there he was – accessing the controls to the garbage mashers, opening and closing blast doors, even finding the plans to the Death Star – AGAIN! Really, could the Empire not have put SOME kind of security on their access ports? Or can just anyone prance right onto an Imperial space station and access anything with their droid? Managed service providers would have taken precautions.

By Advising the Empire Not to Give the Rebels the REAL Death Star Plans

This was a big one. Remember Grand Moff Tarkin’s fateful words after Han and Luke rescued Leia: “I’m taking an awful risk, Vader. This had better work.” That’s actually a bit of an understatement – because they just let the enemy go with the answer of how to systematically destroy the Empire’s ultimate weapon! Couldn’t they have arranged for them to “escape” with a FAKE set of plans? Yes, actually allowing your enemy access to your most sensitive data is never advisable. Managed service providers would have never allowed it.

By Making the Data Transmitter Inaccessible by Non-Imperial Users

Beware: here be spoilers! (for those whom have not yet seen Rogue One)

At the end of the film, Jyn Erso makes her way all the way to the top of the Imperial transmitter. Then, she simply inserts the data drive to initiate the transfer of the Death Star plans to the Rebels. So, that massive transmitter – which sits upon the entire Imperial database – can just be accessed by anyone? Just drop the drive in, and bingo?! It’s a no-brainer that managed service providers would have insisted on at least requiring the user to enter a password before being allowed to transmit any Imperial data anywhere in the galaxy.

The Empire Struck Back – but Not with a Managed Service Provider

If you were to look past all the evil and horrible things the Empire committed, it might actually be possible for one to feel a little bad for their ultimate fate – all simply due to data breaches. Had they only utilised qualified managed service providers, the story would have turned out very differently indeed. True, it would have been a much sadder story full of awful things. But it doesn’t negate the fact that the Empire did itself in – simply by not having access to managed service providers.

But you do. Call us, and Dynamic will make certain your Death Star is well-maintained AND guarded.

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