Technology is the future of the Real Estate Agency


The thought of an IT service company transforming your real estate agent is an excellent thought, one that begs action. Your American cousin leads the way, and that’s good because you can see what works. You learn from the best practice of others in the 21st Century: information technology.

When you think of new opportunities, such as being more accessible to buyers and sellers, you will be less likely to misrepresent them. A study in 2016 “… found [that] 78 percent of consumers were accessing property listings and information online rather than through traditional methods…” The newspaper and magazine listings no longer lead the way. Instead, your customers are finding comfort and familiarity on smartphones, tablets, and laptops-today it’s about speed and the Internet is the place where it happens.

In real estate, you get weighed down with paper. It’s an albatross around your neck. Instead of spending all your time keeping track of one document after another, you can have your documents set up and managed in a safe environment with an IT service company.  To shift through papers is not time efficient, not when the time is better spent honing your communication skills. It’s best to raise the bar of your agency, to improve all aspects of your agency so that in 2019 you have met the standards put out by REIA.

What if you can reach your clients in new and innovative ways – are you intrigued? It could be a visual walk-through of property or YouTube experience.  More potential clients are choosing to look online for most everything. At a recent real estate technology conference in the USA, it showed technology capturing the real estate marketplace and transforming it.  “Right now Americans can log onto the websites, type in their address and within 24 hours have a written offer for their property.” Real estate, as with other types of companies, is in the fast lane because of technology, and that’s a good thing.

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