Office 365 opens up new potential

When Microsoft Office first came out in 1990 no one envisioned how things would change all these years later.  Back then it was installed from floppy disks and later CDs, and sadly yes we remember those days.  Fast forward to today and Office 365 requires no media at all. It installs the entire Microsoft productivity suite straight from the cloud, and since it’s connected to the internet it is always kept up to date.

The products in Office 365 are designed to connect to the cloud, SharePoint, OneDrive, and each other seamlessly.  Need to share that spreadsheet to the cloud?  No problem, just save it to OneDrive and gain access to it or share it with others from anywhere you have internet. If you prefer to save it for use in your business then simply save it to Microsoft SharePoint instead, which is essentially a smart file repository in the cloud.  You are going to have to find another use for all those USB flash drives now.  Perhaps they would make nice holiday ornaments?

Want to read a document stored in Office 365 from your smartphone or tablet?  That’s easy as Office 365 has mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.  Office 365 really has become a key part of using Office files anytime and anywhere.  Only have a web browser? No problem with some Office 365 plans has Office Online with web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  Now, if you use those online versions you can even work on Office documents together with other people simultaneously.  Did we mention that some of those Office 365 plans even give you 1TB of space in the cloud to store files?

Office 365 really is the future now and as it evolves so will your capabilities with it.  Want to know more about all the great features Office 365 has to offer? Contact us

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