Dynamic Assists Clinics with Data Backup

We all know that downtime is deadly for small businesses, but when disaster strikes many managers find themselves without any kind of recourse or plan for action. Luckily this wasn’t the case for two Newcastle-based skin care organisations. When faced with an unexpected server hardware failure, Coco Skin Laser Health and Lotus Dermatology were looking at several days of downtime and at least $354,000 in lost revenue. Luckily they had a backup solution in place.

The Resolution: Datto Backup

Thankfully the clinics decided to call Dynamic to manage their recovery. With the help of a Datto solution, the businesses were able to continue operating off of a backup platform. Meanwhile, specialists worked to repair their shared server and bring it back online.

In the wake of the near-disaster, the managers of Coco and Lotus were willing to speak about their experience. They credit Dynamic and Datto with swift action that helped them preserve their businesses. For more information, check out the full case study!

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