Using Microsoft Teams to Improve Communication

Company chat and collaboration tools are making a resurgence. There are now many popular chat programs available, and many cost money to use the most robust features. If you are already paying for Office 365, you may want to consider using Teams.

As more employees work remotely and on the road, the way employees communicate needs to be updated. Forget about email as your primary form of communication, chat programs are taking over. These chat programs are transforming the way companies are communicating internally. Collaboration between co-workers is now reliant on the ability to effectively communicate no matter where the employees are located.

One of the great advantages of using Microsoft Teams as opposed to other popular chat applications is its tight integration with the rest of the Office 365 suite. You can chat with your coworker inside a Word document to collaborate on a proposal, or discuss your presentation within PowerPoint. If you are discussing the creation of a document with a co-worker, you can create the file right within the Teams application as well.

While the use of email is still common practice, the integration with Outlook is also a unique feature. When you forward an email to a particular channel within Teams, the application will grab any attachments and add them to the channel.

Teams workspaces are also compatible with several key cloud applications. From project management applications like Trello and Asana to development tools like GitHub, Teams has the ability to take your business’ communication to the next level.

To find out how to use Teams with your Office 365 subscription, or to set up a new subscription to the service, contact us today!

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