Let’s have a play with teams

If you’ve been on the fence on whether your company should start using Teams, or you have no idea what it is, read on!

Microsoft Teams has been out for quite some time now. Every month it receives updates and improvements, with Microsoft pinning this app to become your central hub for work every day.

Some may see it as just a chat program… But it’s more, MUCH more! As it’s included in your Office 365 subscription, it’s tightly integrated into all your 365 apps, as well as hundreds of 3rd party websites and apps, where you can have video calls, work together on documents, even remotely assist people through the Hololens!

Microsoft Teams is becoming the one-stop collaboration shop for people inside and outside your company.

Let's have a play with teams »

Here at DBT, we heavily rely on Teams to communicate with our company. Our techs use it to quickly throw out requests for help with difficult issues, we use it to help us develop new products & large projects, and even have a Thursday Drinks channel for the team to quickly organise a catch up after work!

But enough of my talking, why not have a look for yourself with this FREE interactive demo of Teams.

Interested in setting this up for your company? Chat with us today and we’ll be happy to help set it up and improve your communication and efficiency!

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