Funky Feature – Outlook Add-ins

The “out of the box” experience is already pretty good within Outlook, with Microsoft adding new features every month.

But like most things, there are always ways to improve your experience. Outlook allows you to make use of add-ins to make your day more efficient. Here are a few of my favourite free add-ins for Outlook:

Boomerang: This add-in has helped me more than almost all other add-ins with my efficiency. It has multiple features, but the key feature I use it for is “Remind Me“. Its function is simple, if your email hasn’t had a reply in X amount of time, it’ll just return it to the top of your inbox.

So, if you’re sending an email to someone that you need a response from, add “Remind Me” to it to make sure you can follow them up if they don’t reply!

Find Time: For meeting scheduling, especially with more than one other person, Find Time is a must-have add-in. It’ll send out a meeting poll email with your selected available times in, and recipients will vote on their availability, as well as their preferred time. Once all recipients have voted, Find Time will collate the results and send the meeting invite, done!

Emojis & GIPHY: OK, these aren’t productivity add-ins, they won’t make you more efficient. What they will do is add some fun and colour to your emails, and may even pass on that emotion you’re feeling to reduce the risk of recipient misinterpreting it!

Grammarly: Is you bad at English? Grammarly will watch you write, and make suggestions to correct as you go so you won’t have any embarrassing moments! Grammarly will also bolt into Word, as well as your favourite web browsers to keep you looking good no matter where you go.

To access these and many more add-ins for Outlook, simply navigate to the “Store” on the Home ribbon in Outlook.

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