Your Company’s Security Blanket – The Power of Fixed Fee IT Support

Childhood monsters used to be thwarted by a brightly coloured blanket, thrown over our heads. Now that we’ve grown up, the monsters have upgraded to being computer problems. Nothing is scarier than spending hours on a report, only to lose it after a crash. Worse yet, hacking attempts from across the globe can bring any company to its knees. What is the digital equivalent of our childhood security blanket? The answer is fixed fee IT support.

Toes to Nose Support

Fixed fee IT support plans work towards minimising issues. After all, the fewer problems, the more profitable the plan. To achieve that, many fixed fee plans will have an antivirus, email filtering, equipment monitoring and more. The goal is to flag the support team before an issue is noticed. That kind of proactive support means that there are fewer support requests overall.

Night Light Set to On

Another popular component of fixed fee IT support is the responsiveness. To a non-tech savvy individual, they aren’t sure if a problem is small or large. A common question asked is: Am I the only one having this problem? By reassuring the user that their issue has been seen and is being worked on, a precedent is set. That precedent is that no matter what, we’ll dispel the problems plaguing the system.

Simplicity is Knowing What’s Under the Bed

Perhaps the scariest monster of all is a growing company expenditure. After all, who wants to pay more each month just to maintain a business? The true power of fixed fee is being able to plan every month for the same amount of expense. That predictability can help a company grow their IT needs without having to wonder what scariness is waiting for later.

In summation, security blankets are not popular among adults but fixed fee IT support is used by a large majority of companies. They know that having total support, always available, for a fixed amount is a tremendous benefit. To learn more about how your company can use the strategy, please contact us.

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