With cloud computing, your business acquires the power to do big things — things it could never do before.

For starters, your employees can benefit from unrestricted mobility, which means they can work out of the office just as they would work inside the office. This is because cloud computing gives your employees “anywhere, anytime access” to business tools and data.

On top of this, your employees can customize workflows to complement individual working styles. This flexibility means that your employees have the choice to work wherever they want, with whatever device they have.

Ultimately, this equates to greater efficiency and, potentially, more employee engagement.

Understanding the “how”
  • Use business applications with any connected device
  • Access company data no matter where you are
  • Customize workflows with greater on-the-job flexibility
  • Boost employee engagement with more “choice”
  • Improve mobility and capture opportunities on the go


The “how” isn’t the only thing cloud computing impacts. The “what” is transformed, as well. Host your infrastructure in the cloud and go from powerful to super-powerful.

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Reduce internal costs

With parts of your infrastructure hosted in the cloud, this means you can reduce internal operating costs. You won’t need to purchase as much physical hardware, and you can reduce energy consumption in the process.

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Scale with ease

Again, with parts of your infrastructure hosted, it’s much easier and quicker for your company to scale. You no longer have to wait for your physical infrastructure to catch up with your company’s short-term needs.

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Streamline maintenance

The maintenance of your hosted technology is no longer your team’s responsibility, updates and upgrades included. You can remain confident knowing that your technology is properly maintained.


Cloud computing isn’t something you go at alone. With DBT at your side, your company can benefit from the dedicated assistance of expert engineers and technical consultants.

Migrate to the cloud with ease and receive the 24/7 support of a team that’s ready to help your business do great things.

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Go above and beyond a basic understanding. Discover just a few of the business problems cloud computing can solve for your company.