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Product Spotlight: Surface Go

It’s finally time to ditch that iPad! Introducing the new Microsoft Surface Go. This is Microsoft’s thinnest & lightest tablet, I mean laptop… I mean…

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Funky Feature – Outlook Add-ins

The “out of the box” experience is already pretty good within Outlook, with Microsoft adding new features every month. But like most things, there are

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Using Encryption to Safeguard Emails

As technology grows ever more important for businesses, so too does the use of encryption to ensure that important data and information isn’t intercepted or

Office 365

Office 365 opens up new potential

When Microsoft Office first came out in 1990 no one envisioned how things would change all these years later.  Back then it was installed from

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Virtual CIO

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can’t always afford to hire a CIO, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need one. That being said, SMBs can reap the same rewards from hiring a Virtual CIO (vCIO).

workflow automation

Workflow Automation Trends and Tips

Technology has become a powerful driver of business processes in recent years; when properly implemented, the right IT solutions can streamline communications, make life easier

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5 Qualities & Skills of an Effective CIO

If you’re an active reader of online business insights, you’ve probably read articles published on sites such as and SearchCIO. Targeted at IT decision-makers,

Ransom Note

How Ransomware Works: WanaCrypt0r, Petya & NotPetya

We’ve seen the biggest worldwide attacks of ransomware so far with WanaCrypt0r, Petya, and NotPetya. Considering its growing prevalence, it’s important for businesses to understand how ransomware works.